Carbon capture and storage is a vital tool for managing carbon emissions from heavy industries including cement, steel, oil and gas, power utilities, and chemicals. To reduce emissions from these industries, Carbon GeoCapture has revitalized and reinvigorated an approach to carbon capture and storage – storing CO2 in unmineable coal seams.

To date, approximately 375,000 metric tons of CO2 have been injected into coal seams across the world. Over the past 30 years, the underlying science of CO2 sequestration in coal has been investigated extensively, including several studies initiated by the United States Department of Energy, and 95% of the technology has been performed repeatedly and successfully by many people. The remaining 5% is what we have addressed. We did this by mimicking “mother nature’s” process of absorbing water in coal, which shows that carbon sequestration in coal seams is attractive.

According to the World Economic Forum, carbon capture and storage has the potential to remove ninety to ninety nine percent of carbon dioxide emissions from heavy-emitting industries.

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