Carbon GeoCapture works with energy and industrial customers to drastically cut their air pollution, while creating high-paying jobs and preserving livelihoods.

It is important to remember that while heavy industrial sectors significantly contribute to global warming, there are entire communities and local economies which depend upon employment in these sectors to survive.

These large workforces are important and should not be left behind while we transition away from fossil fuels, like coal and oil. We enable manufacturing industries and the jobs they support to continue, as well as create new jobs.

A unique aspect of CGC’s approach is that the industry sectors that have added carbon to the atmosphere employ the people and the equipment we need to put carbon back into the ground. We people who produce energy from fossil fuels.

High fossil fuel employment is present in a wide range of counties US map
Potential Jobs chart

They have the skills and knowledge necessary to put carbon back where it belongs, in the ground. A key activity of CGC is developing transition employment plans to support workers and identifying opportunities for upskilling and retraining.

These are versatile skills, and CGC’s technology uses much of the current energy infrastructure, meaning people can transfer from carbon extraction to a carbon storage industry during the transition to clean power without requiring additional training or the development of entirely new processes and technologies. As a result, the people and communities that otherwise would be at risk of being left behind are part of the energy transition.

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