Carbon GeoCapture is a company dedicated to halting global warming by capturing and permanently storing underground carbon dioxide that otherwise would be emitted into the atmosphere. Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions at scale to help meet midcentury climate goals, foster domestic clean energy and industrial production, and enable both the preservation and creation of high-wage jobs through the application of our unique carbon capture and storage technology and process.

Our technology captures and permanently buries carbon dioxide deep underground where it belongs through a safe and efficient process. We have revitalized an old approach to putting carbon dioxide back where it came from – into deep coal seams that will never be mined. We bury the CO2 in coal, unlocking massive carbon sequestration potential at a greater scale and at a cost lower than previously imagined.

Humans have spent 200 years taking carbon out of the ground, and now we’re putting it back. We’re putting carbon in water back in the ground at pressure that is normal for the coal to handle – imitating Mother Nature. Only by developing and deploying lower cost carbon capture and storage will we and our children avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Our process provides a variety of safe and highly scalable carbon removal and management solutions for our customers, including:

  • Responsible natural gas production, providing a viable and verifiable transition path to clean energy.
  • Conventional carbon capture and storage: Carbon GeoCapture is one of a handful of companies that has been able to successfully meet stringent well permitting requirements as established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Unconventional carbon capture and storage, reducing overall carbon management costs by avoiding some of the most expensive steps in carbon capture and storage.
  • Direct air capture (DAC): we can work with DAC developers to accelerate their ability to commercialize and scale the removal of carbon dioxide from the air.

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