Practical Carbon Sequestration

By removing CO₂ from the atmosphere and emission streams and placing it back where it came from—geological formations—we can help meet the world’s midcentury climate goals.


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Our Mission

Reducing carbon emissions at scale to help meet midcentury climate goals, foster domestic energy and industrial production, and both preserve and create high-wage jobs through the application of our unique carbon capture and storage technology and process. LEARN MORE »

Carbon GeoCapture (CGC) is focused on sequestering carbon dioxide in geologic formations as economically and quickly as possible. We are a group of technical entrepreneurs and engineers with decades of experience managing and analyzing oil, gas and carbon capture and sequestration projects around the world.

If the world is going to meet its goal to keep global temperature rise under 2° Celsius compared to preindustrial levels, we must capture and store much more carbon. No other technology solution is capable of delivering the deep reductions in emissions needed to keep the planet from warming over two (2) degrees by 2050. Learn more about the specific environmental, economic, and local benefits provided by CCS technologies.

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