Carbon GeoCapture permanently buries carbon dioxide deep into the ground where it belongs through a safe and efficient process. Our experience and technology have shown that we can inject CO2 into coal seams, where most of it originated.

Our solution is unique. Laboratory testing and field observations reveal that coal seams can store immense amounts of CO2 at shallower depths than conventional reservoirs (including sandstone and carbonate) allow.

These carbon sinks are more widely distributed and occur at shallower depths than conventional reservoirs (including sandstone and carbonate). Coals act like carbon filters, preferentially absorbing CO2 and thereby reducing the cost of carbon capture and cleanup considerably.


CGC captures and stores carbon dioxide from a
variety of emission sources, including:

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Power plants that provide electricity, including from natural gas

Cement and steel icons

Hard-to-decarbonize industries like cement and steel

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And, ultimately, from the atmosphere

How It Works

We permanently bury CO2 deep into the ground through a safe and efficient process. We capture carbon dioxide in water at relatively low pressures and then drop the water into coal beds. The carbon dioxide is preferentially absorbed by the rock’s nanopores as the water flows through it and is then pumped out and reused. When the rock is nearly full of carbon dioxide, we add pure water on top to hold it in the ground.

Our process is designed to be a closed loop to preserve water and energy and protect aquifers. This process is safe, easily monitored, controlled, and permanent. This process is suitable for use anywhere in the world where coal occurs, which is just about everywhere.

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Unconventional rocks, like coal beds and shale, occur widely, underlying most of the world’s land mass. This distribution provides a range of jurisdictional, regulatory, and sovereign risk options for carbon sequestration projects focused on coalbeds and shale.

Our process is well understood:

  • Suitable for use around the world, because coal beds and shales underly most of the world’s land mass.
  • Easily monitored and controlled using our proprietary sensing technology.
  • Closed loop system that avoids water waste and excessive usage and is energy efficient.
  • Safe and long-lasting.
  • Capture process is low energy consumption, which can be potentially generated onsite.

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