Our unique storage technology captures and permanently buries carbon dioxide in unmineable coal seams through a safe and efficient process. Our approach can work with any variety of Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology whereby CGC can store the captured carbon dioxide. Our cost-efficient and effective sequestration technology can help reduce the cost of deploying DAC technologies and accelerate their impact at scale.

While abating emissions of concentrated carbon dioxide is economically feasible now using our approach, doing so will not be enough. We must learn to efficiently capture carbon dioxide from the air and return it to the earth in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Carbon GeoCapture’s unique process was designed to be resilient and flexible to work with various carbon dioxide sources, capture technologies, power sources, and rock formation types. We can work with capture technologies from the flue or from the air through direct air capture (DAC). We are working with direct air capture technology developers to reduce capture, and cleanup costs by relieving their need to produce a concentrated, high-pressure stream of carbon dioxide suitable for transport.

In addition, we are developing our own direct air capture method that integrates fully into our sequestration approach.

Project Sage Grouse

We are collaborating with direct air capture methodologies that integrate fully into our sequestration approach. Currently, we are developing a project with one leading DAC company that can serve as a protype for a hub of direct air capture technology in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming. In the spring of 2023, we conducted a pilot of the sink in the location, testing the injectability of fluid (i.e. water pumped from the sink), and the carbon dioxide that dissolved in the fluid into the Big George coal seam, and measuring downhole gas levels and water quality.

Our focus now is on proving the economic viability of this injection site and the economics in the existing single injection well, and moving to scale this process as quickly as possible.

Watch the video to learn more about this project and hear from CGC team members on their experience visiting the injection testing site.

Contact us to learn more about how CGC’s method which can enable direct air capture technology developers to prove their technologies sooner and scale faster using our carbon sinks as ready test beds.