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We’re All In This Together

Over the past 20 years, we have assembled significant skills and technologies spanning project planning and management, injection well permitting, and cost-effective carbon sink assessments, monitoring, and verification. Addressing climate change quickly will require us all to work together. If you’re managing or planning to manage a carbon sequestration project, we’re eager to help you be successful.

Project Planning and Management

Our company operates high-profile conventional carbon sequestration projects. We are comfortable managing a range of project challenges for you, including:

  • Project Consulting
  • Permitting
  • Sink Appraisal
  • Well Construction Design
  • Drilling and Completion Management
  • Site Management
  • Monitoring, Verification and Assessment Program Design
  • Life of Project Management

Class VI Well Permitting

Our company is one of very few in the United States to navigate the new and complex Environmental Protection Agency’s Class VI well permitting process, developed specifically for carbon sequestration in geologic formations. If we can help you assess the process or manage your permits, get in touch.

Monitoring, Verification and Assessment Programs

Using the top technologies available, we’ve conducted extensive assessments of potential carbon sinks. In partnership with our sister company, award-winning energy technology company WellDog, we can design, provide and even operate for you a full cradle-to-grave monitoring and verification program for your carbon sequestration project.