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Our active projects today include:

Carbon GeoCapture Unconventional Sequestration Pilot Project
CGC has quietly developed a unique carbon sequestration process. This process is initially focused on unconventional rocks as sinks. It is thoroughly understood, easily controlled, and suitable for large-scale sequestration of carbon dioxide. It is now time to begin scale up of the process. CGC is assembling source and sink partners for a field pilot project. The project is directed at transitioning CGC’s compelling technical outcomes to a practical field environment. Want to get involved?

United States Department of Energy-Funded Wyoming CarbonSafe Phase II Project
CGC is working with University of Wyoming, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, University of North Dakota’s Energy & Environmental Research Center, Advanced Resources Inc, Schlumberger and Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute to evaluate several deep geologic rock layers for their suitability in permanently storing carbon dioxide.  The two-year, $12.25 million study, managed by University of Wyoming’s Center for Economic Geology Research, is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy under its CarbonSAFE initiative.  It is one of just six Phase II projects funded through that initiative.

United States Department of Energy-Funded Wyoming CarbonSafe Phase I Project
CGC supported the pre-feasibility study regarding establishing an integrated carbon capture and storage project at the Dry Fork Power Station in the Powder River Basin near Gillette, Wyoming capable of storing at least 50+ million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

United States Department of Energy-Funded Virginia Tech Coalbed Sequestration Project
CGC worked with Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research, Virginia Tech, and WellDog to identify where carbon dioxide flowed and sequestered when it was pumped into three wells intersecting multiple coal seams.  Other research partners in the project included Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy; DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory; Marshall Miller & Associates; Southern States Energy Board; CONSOL Energy; Geological Survey of Alabama; Sandia Technologies; and Det Norske Veritas.


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