Our Approach

The data indicate that climate change is becoming the primary environmental challenge facing the world. The data also show that unchecked environmental degradation has led to collapse of well-formed civilizations throughout history.

We don’t want this to happen again.

Now that the effects of climate change are becoming acute enough that the world is beginning to act in a determined manner.  However, time is short.  Practical solutions must be ready for full scale deployment as soon as possible.

We have spent decades learning how liquids and gases flow through underground reservoirs and attach to rocks in those reservoirs. We have used that knowledge to develop a unique process to safely and securely store carbon dioxide in those reservoirs. Our sequestration process is gentle, well-understood, controllable, and easily monitored and verified.

In addition, we help others sequester carbon dioxide in underground reservoirs. We work closely with governments, universities, and private industry to achieve safe and efficient storage. With our strong subsurface experience around the world, technology savvy, and lean approach, we insure that sequestration projects are successful and cost effective.

Want to get involved?

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Our services include:

  • Project Consulting
  • Site Management
  • Drilling and Completion Management
  • Life of Project Management
  • Well Construction Design
  • Sink Appraisal
  • MVA Technologies
  • Permitting

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